Marathon Training Week 11

Training Week 11 is done! I’m really happy about that because Week 12 is a step-back week, which I definitely need. I’m feeling the effects of accumulated fatigue on my legs and definitely need a mental break during my long run. The long run for Week 12 is just 13 miles, which feels much more manageable than 17 or 18 right now.

On the other hand, it’s also supposed to be super hot for the next few days. Isn’t it almost fall or something?

On another note, I didn’t do any strength training this week. I’ve been craving yoga so much, especially since running makes my muscles tight. It also takes up a lot less time to work out at home rather than going downtown to the gym. As beneficial as yoga has been in terms of stretching out tight muscles and helping with my mental calm, the power yoga I’ve been doing is much harder on my legs than is the strength routine I have right now, which emphasizes upper body and core.

I think the yoga made my legs more tired, which made the runs more difficult, so I definitely need to go back to my strength training this week. When marathon training is over, I’m definitely going to get more serious about yoga!

20150831_092801  20150902_103212

20150904_130013 20150905_161553

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And on to week 11’s workouts:

5 miles at 9:44 pace

Power Yoga

8 miles at 9:33 pace

Power Yoga

5 miles at 9:41 pace

18 miles at 9:51 pace


Favorite Run: Wednesday’s 8-miler. Are you surprised? Once again, these runs are long enough that I have to properly prepare for them, but not long enough that my legs get tired or I get bored or lonely.

Least Favorite Run: My long run. Sadly, my legs started to get sore and tired around mile 10, so you can imagine how they were feeling for the last hour of my run. (As I said above, I think the power yoga definitely contributed to the decreased endurance in my legs.) It’s really not fun running through pain for an hour or so. The good thing is that once I finished the 18 miles, stopped, and stretched for about 10 minutes, my hips felt infinitely better, although my whole body remained pretty sore for the rest of the day.

20150905_134517 20150905_134514

Also, although running on very tired legs is no fun, I am very careful to note if any of the pain is altering my stride or feels more like an injury. So far, I’ve stayed injury-free & am hoping to stay that way!

20150905_134528 20150905_134523

On a separate note, I am actually getting lonely on these long runs! This is very weird for me because I’m an introvert who needs and craves a lot of alone time. One of the reasons I really got into running a few years ago was this ability to go out and spend an hour or so just with myself, my music, and the road. I found it very soothing and always preferred running alone rather than with someone else, even a friend. On these runs over 2 hours, though, when barely anyone is on the path I’m running, I’ve been feeling lonely, rather than just alone. If I ever train for a marathon again, I’ll have to find someone crazy enough to do it with me!

These pictures are from my favorite spot on the running path, where I took a break at mile 12.
These pictures are from my favorite spot on the running path, where I took a break at mile 12.

Fueling: OK, so the whole switching from dates to Clif bloks for part of my run might not happen. It’s just too much of a hassle to go to a separate store just to buy Clif bloks. During my long run this week, I fueled with lots of water and dates. I also popped a Nuun tablet into my water bottle for the last 3 miles or so, since I was sure I had lost a lot of salt during the run.

Have I mentioned before that I’m both a very heavy sweater and a very salty sweater? Well, it’s ridiculous. After my long run this week, there were white streaks in my hair from salt, and my skin was covered with grains of salt, like I’d just been at the beach. Like, what? This is insane.

You know those people who take attractive post-run selfies? I will never be one of those people.

Entertainment: Music!! On Friday, I worked for about 12 hours total, and I was mentally exhausted. On Saturday morning, the last thing I wanted to do was listen to a podcast. Instead, I relied on music to get me through my run. I don’t think I would have made it through those 3 hours without tunes.

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